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Empathy and why it’s important

Are you angry at someone you are working with?  I know the last thing you want to do is feel empathy for them but the first step in getting out of the argument is letting the emotion dissipate and looking at the situation with empathy. It doesn’t mean giving up on what you need or … Continued

Blah Blah Blah and other things to listen for

Listening.  It sounds easy doesn’t it?  Someone’s speaks, a sound is made, and you can’t do much but hear that sound. We may have to strain to hear, we may not be able to do anything but hear, but it is completely under our control whether what we hear goes into our brains and to … Continued

Genuine vs Inauthentic – The Importance of Connection

I’m going to talk briefly about the differences between being genuine and being inauthentic, and when we are most likely to lean towards one or the other.  In my view being genuine is about being open and honest when appropriate, being unafraid of expressing honest feeling, being self-accepting and self-aware, and being able to be … Continued

Assertion, Aggression, and Submission – getting the balance right

I’m going to briefly outline the differences between assertion, aggression, and submission in term of communication, as Vickers et al state in their book Personal Impact. Submissives are the easiest of these three groups to spot.  They’re often swept aside in conversation, and in their personal lives, by ‘big’ personalities.  Being submissive doesn’t necessarily mean … Continued

Networking with depth – The difference between acquaintances and friends

I remember coaching someone in Emotional Intelligence some years ago, who was already quite an effective, confident communicator.  They had a good personal brand, sincere charisma, and were quite confident in front of large groups.  Their real problem was during one-and-one situations, although it was subtle enough for me not to identify straight away. This … Continued

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