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Reasons Why Good Employees Leave

There are many reasons “why good employees leave” and that holding on to the right employees can be a challenge for many companies and employers. While this shouldn’t be the case, a simple mistake in your company can lead to an exodus of some of the best employees your company has. Your top performers will … Continued

Empathising With Icons

Sometimes, an actor’s portrayal of someone real is just so lifelike or evocative; you forget you’re watching a work of fiction at all.  I do at least. Reading an article in Total Film this morning got me thinking about how actors manage to become versions of people who have existed in history. Meryl Streep was … Continued

I don’t want to complain, but…

We all know them.  They can be funny, irritating, insightful, and they can be like sleeper agents, mild-mannered ninety-five percent of the time, pure evil five percent of the time.  I’m talking about complainers. Now I should just say, when I talk about complainers, I don’t mean people who buy a TV, find it doesn’t … Continued

David Brent: A Snap Shot of Ricky Gervais’ best character

With Ricky Gervais announcing that he’s to revive his infamous alter-ego, David Brent, for a one off episode of comic relief (click here, I started thinking about what makes Brent such an interesting and homage-worthy character.  He has an incredible personal brand, not a good one, but a strong one. For those of you … Continued

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