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Reasons Why Good Employees Leave

There are many reasons “why good employees leave” and that holding on to the right employees can be a challenge for many companies and employers. While this shouldn’t be the case, a simple mistake in your company can lead to an exodus of some of the best employees your company has. Your top performers will … Continued

Psychopaths At Work

Psychopathy is a personality disorder that sees sufferers yield a diminished capacity to empathise with others, or a diminished desire to exercise empathy. Often, they are excellent communicators, unrestrained by confidence issues. There are multiple definitions depending on which field pyschopathy is being discussed, and depending on which schools are being followed within those fields. … Continued

Empathising With Icons

Sometimes, an actor’s portrayal of someone real is just so lifelike or evocative; you forget you’re watching a work of fiction at all.  I do at least. Reading an article in Total Film this morning got me thinking about how actors manage to become versions of people who have existed in history. Meryl Streep was … Continued

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