We can all have a Dream. It’s all to do with tone.

Martin Luther King day was 16 January. I watch his amazing “I have a Dream” speech again and again but most of all at around this time.

This speech always moves me because of the passion Dr. King exhibits.

If you break the speech down technically, its quality is all to do with tone. Tone reflects our mood when communicating. We know Dr King’s mood was one of passion and dreams because his tone is so beautiful. The effect is almost like singing.

If you set the right tone, have a clear purpose, and are focused on your audience, everything falls into place and your message is received.

Try asking yourself when preparing a presentation “What is the tone of my message?” Do I want to inspire? Do I want to soothe? Do I want to motivate?

By asking these questions you can bring the right amount of mood to the presentation and stand the best chance of getting your audience to take the action you want.

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