Digital Media Embraced!

Here’s an interesting article on teaching digital media in schools.

What I particularly like is that the educators in the article are taking the position that the “genie is out of the bottle” so why not try to use digital media as a tool for education and to motivate students, rather then looking at digital media as a potential distraction?

In my opinion, the demonizing of digital media like smart phones, ipads, internet, facebook, Skype is a waste of an opportunity.  The business world is embracing these tools so why not educators?

The challenge that both educators and business people share is how to use these tools effectively. It’s easy to get caught up in the solitary nature of these tools and not consider “the other”. And by “other”, I mean the reader, the audience, the target demographic, the domain.

So, like in any communication, I recommend asking two very basic questions: “Why am I writing this?” and “What do I want the result of this to be?” These questions will help cut through the bells and whistles when we are tempted to overshadow the message with the medium *.

Ah Marshall McLuhan, you said it best. Even if I quoted you backwards*!

* Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Message: An Inventory of Effects

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