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Course overview

Overview & Objectives

We discuss what the session will be about, as well as personal leadership challenges and desired outcomes

Communicating Assertively

Learn to develop your empathy skills, understand the audience and find out how to speak with logic and gravitas

Flexibility in the Workplace

Find out how to adapt your communication style and approach as well as be more authentic

Being Heard & Seen

Find out how to increase your professional profile, manage your emotions and amplify your voice

Developing Leadership Presence

Learn how to build an optimistic, authoritative style that creates loyalty, respect and consistently generates good impressions

Learning outcomes

  • You already know the challenges and can address them through more confident, impactful communication.

  • You feel more welcome in meetings, more visible in the workplace and your career is definitely advancing.

  • You're able to speak convincingly and authoritatively.

  • Your personal band is strengthening, as you can convey it with more conviction.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses