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Course Overview

Leveraging Inclusion

Learn how to identify the relational and transactional upsides of inclusion and how to harness them

Defining Inclusion Goals

Learn how to determine the right inclusion goals for individuals, teams or organisation wide application

Choice Architecture

Discover the ideas behind 'choice architecture' and how to apply them to workplace inclusion

Running Inclusive Meetings

Learn how to create psychologically safe environments that encourage total engagement

Creating an Inclusion Plan

Learn how create a plan that will encourage and allow you to be more inclusive.

Learning Outcomes

  • Now that you understand the benefits and goals of inclusion, you're able to create a plan in which they're properly implemented.

  • You use 'choice architecture' to incorporate inclusion, engagement, and innovation into your decision making processes and work environments.

  • You're able to identify inclusion goals, and have the tools to implement them at the individual, team or organisational levels.

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