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Course overview

Before the Meeting Starts

What actually makes a meeting work? We explore and explain the necessary planning and actions that need to be taken

During the Meeting

Then we investigate the tips and tools needed to start strong, and keep the meeting moving

Voice and Body Language

We look at tone, energy and language as well as how to appear relaxed. We suggest ways to overcome the barriers that may be thrown up by attendees

Conference Calls

Recognise and and overcome the challenges of remote meetings. Remember to properly include everyone on the call

After the Meeting

Define and learn the actions required to keep momentum going after the meeting's over

Learning outcomes

  • You now know how to make any meeting you participate in, productive, interesting and to the point.

  • You have the tools and skills needed to inject the meetings you attend with purpose and energy.

  • By properly planning and executing your meetings, you achieve successful outcomes and actions.

  • You run your meetings with far more confidence and focus.

  • You're present and impactful during any meeting and ensure your post-meeting actions are clearly defined and followed through on.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses