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Course Overview

Introducing Psychological Contract

Revisiting and deepening a definition of the relationship between employers and employees

Changing the Rules

Investigating the changes that have altered the balance between expectation and commitment

Tools to Re-Engage

Establishing practices for creating self-directed performance, accountability and freedom

Inclusivity as a Motivator

Inspiring great leaders to create intense follower-ship – leadership by everyone, for everyone

Maintaining High Levels of Energy

Recognising what might throw motivation off course and how to correct it through energy and authenticity

Learning Outcomes

  • You’ll have learnt what the psychological contract is and how it’s changed in recent times as a result of new generations joining the workforce.

  • You’ll now have the techniques to address motivation issues, and tap into the potential that often lies latent in attitudes, activities and commitment.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses

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