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Course overview


Understand your long and short-term memory. Discover how to acquire, store and retrieve information


Explore how to use visual prompts and technology to remember, to provide context and make the abstract unforgettable


Investigate how to build your intent, create images, make associations and to delve into the bizarre


Understand the means to create association chains for in-sequence lists and also the Peg System for out-of-sequence lists


Devise an action plan for daily life and further reading suggestions

Learning outcomes

  • You've learnt how to use your memory better, resulting in enhanced relationships & confidence. Your reputation and mental health are improving.

  • You know techniques to remember dates, names, facts & figures and how to apply them in daily life.

  • You've learnt how to make information personally memorable.

  • You understand how your brain works and have developed memory strategies using your unique imagination, knowledge and creativity.

  • You've discovered how to acquire, store and retrieve knowledge and to use non-mnemonic and mnemonic tools.

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