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Course Overview

Understanding motivation

Understanding your own sources of motivation and how to access them in your working life

Knowing what drives you

Creating safety through inclusion, emotional intelligence, trust, and fostering contributions from all.

Setting goals and boundaries

Working to your priorities and values; setting achievable goals; creating boundaries and avoiding burnout

Varying the routine

Understanding the dangers of set routines; the benefits of doing things differently and acquiring new skills

Enjoying autonomy

Working effectively and autonomously; managing remote conversations with your manager; the benefits of self-direction

Learning Outcomes

  • You'll learn how to stay motivated in any situation including when working in isolation or working from home

  • This course is intended to help participants identify and draw on their own sources of motivation, whatever the circumstance.

  • On this course you’ll learn more about the sources of motivation and consider your own drivers

  • You’ll learn about the power of goal-setting, of living your values, of varying your routines and enjoying autonomy

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What people said about our courses