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Course overview

Mind/Body & Body/Mind

Learn to understand how your thinking influences your body, and your body language influences your mental state

Towards & Away-from Thinking

Explore the power of positive and negative language on your ability to influence others

Well-formed Outcomes

What do you really want? You need to be able to define it and to think in terms of outcomes, rather than issues

First Impressions/Building Rapport

Discover the importance of an impactful first impression; how to build instant rapport and how to show people you’ve heard and understood them


The only meaning anything has is the meaning you put on it. On this course you'll learn to reframe negative meanings into positive ones by maintaining mental and linguistic flexibility

Learning outcomes

  • You'll have greater influence over yourself and others leading to more power and confidence.

  • You create better rapport leading to more successful interactions with clients and colleagues.

  • With the ability to influence and manage your own internal state, you can now work better under pressure.

  • Stronger working relationships are created by your more powerful influence.

  • People are drawn to you as a powerful and influential person.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses