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Course Overview

Introduction & Objectives

Understanding what the session is about, personal influencing challenges and desired outcomes

Influence & Impact —Definitions

Influencing can be used positively or negatively according to ethics and values; assessing personal impact

Influence & Impact — E+R=O -

Developing outcome thinking in order to plan your approach and behaviour – how to do this over virtual channels

Influencing Outcomes

Using circles of concern and influence to increase effective action, discovering and applying influencing styles

The Steps to Effective Influencing

Building rapport (being in sync with the other person), reflecting the other person’s needs, working for a decision

Learning Outcomes

  • You’ll have a greater awareness of the kind of impact you make on others.

  • You’ll be able to approach situations purposefully, logically and conduct yourself positively.

  • You’ll know how to adapt your style to reflect your audience’s perspective and how best to reach agreement

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses

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