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Course overview


An explanation of what ethics in business means, the effects of competition and the assumptions of what's considered normal

Common Individual Mistakes

Avoid being swayed by intimidation, social proof, apparent jokes and conflicts of interest, as well as how to understand the enemies of ethics

Best Practices

Learn why it's important to know and understand the universal standards and general professional values common to us all

4 Ways to Make Decisions

Assess the external factors involved in decision making, starting with a look at the consequences. Understand the rules of making important decisions and the character required to make them


Consider perspectives and avoid pitfalls. Decide what to do and what not to do when challenged

Learning outcomes

  • Business is complex, the stakes are high and always doing what’s right can sometimes be a challenge; this course teaches how to identify and overcome these challenges.

  • The course provides a clear framework to enable the conscious, critical assessment of situations. Taking moral decisions will become easier, employee loyalty will be enhanced, along with personal and corporate reputation.

  • Delegates will learn how to recognise moral dilemmas and gain an understanding of the enemies of ethical behaviour.

  • On completion, delegates will know how to focus on facts and logic, rather than putting their faith in principles or beliefs that have no basis in truth

  • Participants will know how to think systematically, listing and rigorously analysing possibilities, facts and arguments.

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