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Course overview

Definition of Effective Listening

Effective Listening is interactive and requires focus, training and practice. Discover why it's important to understand the benefits first

Empathetic Listening

Learn how to avoid judgement, to be a good observer and to allow space for responses and solutions

Stay Focused

Learn an awareness of body language, presence and non-verbal messaging. Learn how to be authentic and why you sometimes have to repeat & rephrase

The Great Question

Understand the importance of asking the right questions and how to find them. Learn the difference between open and closed questions and to summarise, probe, clarify and prevent yourself from inappropriate talking

Practical Listening

A look at how to be the best you can be in conversations and meetings, both virtually and face to face

Learning outcomes

  • You understand what effective listening is and what it entails.

  • You know the techniques and skills required to stay focused.

  • You seek to understand before being understood, and you ask great questions.

  • As an expert listener you're able to solve problems through your understanding and improved accuracy.

  • You're better at building and maintaining good working relationships that create trust. Your productivity and innovation are much improved.

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