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Course overview

Causes of Conflict

A look at the causes of conflict including cultural factors, unconscious bias, communication styles, values, opinions and beliefs

Institutional Factors

How to stay buoyant when factors like market forces and organisational change are out of your control

Emotional Stress

How to master your emotions. Learn exercises that empower the body and nourish the mind


By learning to become more self-aware you will start to anticipate other people’s reactions. Explore how to reappraise and reframe and consider five different styles of approach


To maintain rapport, learn to use the PAUSE method and so manage your reactions, your body language, your voice and your listening skills

Learning outcomes

  • Instead of avoiding conflict, you now know how to deal with it.

  • This includes recognising its causes and systematic, pragmatic ways for reframing your own mindset.

  • Instead of poor communication, lack of teamwork and low morale you can envision and create a positive outcome.

  • You now have the practical tools you need to prepare and deal with challenging encounters.

  • You're able to manage yourself, maintain rapport and win other people over.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses