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Course overview

The 4 Principles

A look at the importance of trust, how to spot potential and get committed to coaching and executing

Key Personal Skills

Coaching is about maximising the potential of the person being coached. You need to know how to listen, to be congruent, to mirror and adapt and to get curious whilst trusting your intuition

Key Practical Skills

The job of a coach is to allow the colleagues you're coaching to find their own paths by asking them great questions, while using guided discovery techniques

What’s the Mission?

Determine the coaching outcome and uncover the needs and values of your colleagues by challenging them to chase their own fulfilment


Use the FACTS based coaching model to give powerful feedback and to balance challenge with support

Learning outcomes

  • What leader would not want to help a colleague or team member to discover their potential? Well now you can.

  • You now have the ability to effectively transform the achievements of others in a surprisingly short space of time.

  • In supporting your colleagues' fulfilment you will lead a happier team and achieve improved results.

  • Now you have a clear understanding of the coaching fundamentals you can help your people articulate themselves, and grow.

  • With these new skills, you get others to define and reach their goals, without ever telling them what to do.

  • You know how to listen and guide by asking endless important questions and through setting bold, action based goals.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses