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Course overview

Introduction & Objectives

Enjoy a discussion around what you'll learn on the session. You'll look at any personal assertiveness challenges and decide your desired outcomes

Appreciating the Subject

Learn to behave assertively including strategies, tools and techniques to cope with difficult situations and to keep you acting positively

Assertiveness Explained

A look at assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour. Learn how to manage your reactions and the powerful effect this can have

Assertive Language

Explore language choices and adapt your communication style to suit your audience. Discover how to make clear statements

Interacting with Others

How to behave in an emotionally intelligent way and to understand people's personal rights, needs and boundaries in order to maintain perspective

Learning outcomes

  • Now you can speak up assertively and cope with difficult situations.

  • In your improved interactions with colleagues, both parties feel respected, trusted and positive.

  • You can act positively, delegate effectively, work better to deadlines and possess greater confidence.

  • You can stand up for yourself and express legitimate opinions and needs, without hurting the feelings of others.

  • You know the difference between being aggressive and being assertive and can say 'no' with dignity.

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What people said about our courses

What people said about our courses