Here’s an example of a comprehensive Leadership Programme for a global organisation that was designed and delivered for the first time in 2015. Within that organisation it’s still one of their most sought after programmes, generating 9-month waiting lists. Invariably participants tell us they have praised and recommended the programme to their line managers and colleagues, strongly recommending that those who have not attended, do so. The curriculum was designed for both new and senior leaders and is executed in multiple locations.                                       

The Challenge

The enterprise had incurred serious losses and was undergoing a major management shake-up. The CEO was replaced. An internal audit was carried out to discover the organisation’s leadership style, its culture, the efficacy of its team work, the openness and honesty of the communication between executives, and how mistakes were being dealt with.

The audit revealed a culture of mistrust, finger pointing and blame. There was such a serious lack of collaboration that staff members felt disempowered and afraid to make suggestions or speak up. Decisions and interactions were clouded by fear and a silo mentality existed. The audit made crystal clear that the bank was failing to train its people to be leaders.

 The Solution

Working Voices was commissioned to design and deliver a programme that focussed and achieved these key objectives:

  1. To give executives sufficient insight into themselves to develop their presence and self-confidence, such that their leadership is now authentic and impactful
  2. To enable that leadership to build trust founded on respect, to develop solid relationships based on understanding and to create an atmosphere where colleagues are once more empowered and able to work together
  3. To bring about high performance in teams by fostering an open, supportive and blame-free environment where solutions can be discussed and debated in safety with no damaging consequences.

The design process took 9 months of consultation with HR and other stakeholders of varied seniority across different departments. The first two runs were reviewed meticulously and the content adjusted to best ensure the objectives.

The final signed off programme comprises in-depth pre-course work, facilitator led class room training, follow up coaching sessions and bespoke eLearning follow up. The groups are kept small to ensure maximum interaction, sharing and comprehensive peer and facilitator feedback.

The Outcome

This programme is an intrinsic part of the leadership development journey for executives of this bank. Working Voices currently deliver it in all major international hubs – over 20 cities across the world. Here are some of the benefits participants and HR professionals have reported after attending this deep-dive into leadership development:

  1. An enhanced level self-awareness with executives connecting to their strengths and values such that they now have the confidence to share their ideas and contribute their expertise
  2. An increase in motivation, optimism and the desire to collaborate, question and explore solutions such as circles of influence, empathy and flexibility
  3. Our executives have now become impactful leaders who empower, inspire, nurture feedback and delegate effectively
  4. Relationships are improved, along with rapport and trust; the environment feels collaborative, leading to improved innovation and business growth

Working Voices has had the joy and privilege of training thousands of the organisation’s employees over the last 5 years.  That has undoubtedly led to a far happier leadership culture and a much more successful financial institution.

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