From day one our largest clients have been global financial-services providers.  Organisations of international standing and keen public interest with comprehensive physical representation across EMEA, the Americas and APAC, market expectations to satisfy, operational exposure to manage, regulatory obligations to meet and reputational risks to protect against.  And, of course, tens of thousands of employees worldwide with wide and varying training needs.

The Challenge

The client in question exactly matched the profile described at the start of this note.  When, in 2007, we and other suppliers were asked to pitch for a pilot portion of their global interpersonal-skills training work, we understood the daunting nature of the challenge.  This was a USA-based enterprise with a balance sheet measured in trillions, 5000+ offices across all continents and a world-wide headcount numbered in the hundreds of thousands.     ­

We were always equipped to handle the task, otherwise we would not have pitched.  We had the track record, the right people, the financial resources, global reach, corporate governance, familiarity with the marketplace, product portfolio and design and development capability.

We won the pitch.  The assignment involved delivery of a variety of standard courses.  Rapidly, though, this grew to our developing, organising and delivering multi-discipline, global programmes for the client at numerous locations  – at the same time as servicing similar global programmes for the rest of our client base.  Clearly the challenge required skilled organisation if we were to prove ourselves a reliable partner, meet the clients exacting requirements and retain the relationship.

The Solution

We knew the product was world class, the delivery was world class and the pricing was competitive.  In other words, we knew we were value for money.  The way to ensure the partnership stayed strong and growing was to see that, beyond all question, our operational function was 100% robust, and our product development was relentlessly innovative.  There was much more to it, but among the major steps we took were:

  1. Strengthen our global logistics and support operations (now numbering 9 in our EMEA, US and APAC hubs) and build our global trainer team to its present 30.
  2. Maintain trainer representation in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Oaxaca, Sydney, London, Hong Kong, Osaka, Shanghai; sometimes permanent representation, sometimes temporary.
  3. Establish contingency relationships with training-partners globally to guarantee capacity in the event of any huge, workflow peaks. (A prudent reserve but one never called upon.)
  4. Adapt all our face-to-face courses to virtual delivery as an option to classroom delivery.
  5. Expand our e-Learning capability – a project begun in 2008 (we were among the first UK suppliers to venture into this arena). We now have 50 relevant business-related courses.
  6. Reinforce our internal quality-assurance and client-liaison regime to ensure we remained in regular touch with the local client-leads across the globe and received timely feedback on performance (upon which we could act).

NB:  Numbers  2, 4 and 5 having the effect of reducing the client’s carbon footprint, and saving their travel, subsistence and accommodation expenses. Part of the deal.


It can be summed up in a single word.  Results!

  • Uninterrupted and smooth relationship since 2007, and one that grows stronger and more advantageous to both parties by the year.
  • Ever closer partnership with client and cemented client confidence in our ability to deliver.
  • Our entire repertoire delivered globally again and again, and in all formats (face-to-face, virtual and digital) amounting to hundreds of courses in scores of locations to thousands of participants. – MDs, Directors, Senior, Middle and Junior Management, Associates, support, new and graduate entrants.

Demonstrably, though, Results! since 2007, even though confined to the five biggest global programs delivered, are:

  • 2019 delivered 151 courses in 21 locations across Asia, Australia, India, North America, South America, UK and virtually involving 15 trainers.
  • 2018 delivered 168 courses in 17 locations across Asia, Australia, India, North America, South America, UK involving 16 trainers.
  • 2017 delivered 248 courses in 20 locations across Asia, Australia, India, North America, UK involving 16 trainers.
  • 2016 delivered 108 courses in 13 locations across Asia, India, North America, UK and virtually involving 12 trainers.
  • 2015 delivered 77 courses in 20 locations across Asia, Australia, India, North America, UK, Europe and virtually involving 12 trainers.
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