The Challenge

This global organisation had a lack of diversity starting at the top positions. This led to a demotivated junior female staff, as they “did not see themselves at the top”. They felt that being able to move up and attain their goals was not an option.  As a result, retention was difficult, as well as a lack of empathy to this problem from the top.

The Solution

Working Voices was commissioned to design and deliver an Executive Coaching and Workshop program that focussed on achieving these key objectives:

  1. To give women executive’s Emotional Intelligence training and sufficient insight into themselves to develop their presence and self-confidence, such that their leadership brand is now authentic, productive, and impactful.
  2. To provide an internal and external network of ongoing support, mentorship, coaching and learning.
  3.  A personalised Executive Coach who was able to build an ongoing bespoke plan for each individual as well as being able to be apart of the fabric of the company to help provide “real world” tools to combat bias.
  4. To shine a light on the unconscious bias that was happening and give the women and the greater organisation the tools to not only amplify the under represented but help solve the greater problem.
  5. To help senior leaders be apart of the solution to manage the lack of diversity, so that in turn, the health of the organisation was one of positivity.

The design process initially took 3 months of consultation with senior women and other stakeholders of varied seniority across different departments. Each year the content is adjusted to suit the ever-changing needs of the women.

The trainer also host talks, panels and networking events that are apart of the program.

The trainer works closely each year with the senior women who are mentors to the leaders as well as offering support to other stakeholders who are in change of the program.

This unique consultancy and partnership role internally ensures that Working Voices continues to understand the ever-changing needs of the organisation year to year to be able to provide the right content and training support to all involved in program.

The Outcome

This program is an intrinsic part of the leadership development journey of each participant.

All who are involved in the program have said that the relationships and benefits of the program are far reaching across the organisation and not just to the participant but sight it as an essential tool to the health of the organisation.

Here are some of the benefits participants and HR professionals have reported after attending this deep-dive into leadership development:

  1. A toolkit for success
  2. A support system that can weather any change
  3. The participants have now become impactful leaders who empower, inspire, nurture feedback and delegate effectively
  4. Relationships are improved, along with rapport and trust; the environment feels collaborative, leading to improved innovation and business growth
  5. Women who started in the program at a junior level are now at the top positions in the company.



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