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The Big Three

Recently I was coaching a client for an upcoming presentation. He’s smart. He knows what he wants to say and what he stands for. He’s good at his job and wants to keep strengthening his team’s skills. And he wants to get his ideas across with clarity and impact. Here are some tips that are … Continued

New Year’s Resolution

Over Thanksgiving vacation, my partner Gene shared an article he’d been reading at Brittney Cooper, a feminist author, was disagreeing with the assertions of a article by Michelle Cottle, another feminist author. The subject? Michelle Obama, and whether she was a First Lady of achievement or disappointment. Both articles bugged me—but not because … Continued

Be Prepared

Just like the scouts, you should always be prepared when going in for an interview, talk, when meeting clients, and generally when communicating with anyone. Nothing inhibits the strength of your personal impact like not knowing something you should know, or seeming that way – and whilst the two are very different, their effect is … Continued

Don’t Stress About Stress

Now, if you’re a worrier like so many of us, you may be sick of people telling you that ‘it’s no use worrying’, as if any of us really thought that worrying or getting stressed did any good. Dealing with stress effectively is an important part of communication, and I’ll give some basic tips later. … Continued

Leaders, Like Athletes, Are Constantly Being Tested

Leaders, like athletes, are constantly being tested. Competencies of leadership can seem endless. Like Russian dolls you keep pulling apart only to reveal more and more inside. Any deep dig of these competencies will simply lead to more competencies: Being inspirational Communicating with clarity Drawing clear boundaries and expectations Leading with empathy Innovating Defining and … Continued

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