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RIP Robin Williams, a Great Listener

  I love this clip for many reasons. Robin Williams was one of the greatest comedians on the planet, and he will be sorely missed by many, many people. The art of improv is truly an amazing thing to watch, and he certainly was one talented individual. The fast pace! The laughter! The admiration! Wouldn’t … Continued

David Letterman Retires

That’s right, after thousands of shows and 33 years behind his iconic desk, David Letterman is bowing out. The often low-key but ever endearing Letterman has become a symbol of a TV genre, and in an address to his audience, he essentially said it was time for him to retire, and that he’d like to … Continued

Respect and Empathy

I often say it is very easy to spot people in businesses that have not had any training, as a friend of mine recently found out. A friend called me up the other day, as she wanted to tell me about a terrible meeting experience. Before I go any further I must give you a … Continued

Now Leaving The Conference Call

Conference calls ay? There’s no one on earth who likes dialling in, reading an access number the length of a nuclear armament code buried four hundred and eighty-six emails back, and finding they don’t know how to get off mute.  The amount of times I’ve been on a call with people who I can’t hear, … Continued

Follow That – The Poor Quality Of The Republican Rebuttal

I’m in New York right now and have just watched a very accomplished State of the union speech by President Obama. For a President with falling approval ratings he gave a masterful performance that reminded me of why he got re-elected in 2012. His speech was very well written, full of passion, personal stories and … Continued

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