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  • “The 1:1 session was very personalized and it was not only limited to presentation skills tips, it was more like a coaching session. In general, interesting and very useful key in face to face presentation and teleconference scenarios.  I’m very excited to start applying these new behaviors into my day-day.”

    A delegate from AIG

  • “That was a good session and I was able to employ some of the techniques the following week.  I felt a lot more confident going into, and for the duration of, that meeting. Many thanks for arranging the event, engaging such an energetic teacher, and the follow-up notes.”

    A delegate from The Mill

  • “I wondered if you could please pass on our thanks to Andy for yesterday’s session. A lot of the interns have commented on how much they enjoyed the session, and felt they really benefited from the skills and messages that were discussed”

    A delegate from HSBC

  • “Thanks again for your support which I felt went a bit beyond just professional.”

    A delegate from Amadeus

  • “Today, I completed the advance presentation skills training and I would really like to take the time to give you a great/positive feedback. The training was quite memorable as you can immediately translate it into a new behavior.”

    A delegate from AIG