Too much cleavage at work?

A recent survey said, amongst other things, that women shouldn’t show too much cleavage in the workplace. Believe me, that’s just one of the things they shouldn’t be doing!

What I’ve noticed in the City recently, bearing in mind Summer is always worse, is that, in general, the men definitely win on the “smart” stakes and the women, quite frankly, look a real mess! So it’s little wonder that many of the women I train tell me they want to be taken more seriously at work.

It’s hard to compete with the sharpness of a good suit and tie (although by no means all men look sharp just because they’re wearing a suit) and looking smart and professional on a daily basis is quite a challenge. It’s perfectly achievable, though, with good head-to-toe grooming, and never saying “Oh that’ll do” first thing in the morning.

Come on girls, don’t let the guys get the gold stars on the image stakes at work; those first impressions are so important. Make sure your image says what you want it to say.

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