Calm and Leadership – If you can keep your head when….

That’s what Obama needs, Tony Robbins on his side. Yes, the big man himself offered Obama some of his own-brand coaching during the election campaign. Obama’s refusal was probably a good eight hours saved, plus a bucket load of sweat. The idea that Obama would need any confidence coaching from Tony is interesting – I don’t know what Tony Robbins’ politics are, but I bet you anything they’re frenetic.

I was watching a clip of Michael Hastings talking to Martin Bashir on MSNBC the other day, and Hastings was talking about the fact that Obama has a gooifying effect upon on journalists; they lose their minds in his presence. I started to wonder, why is that? It can’t just be his office – I don’t remember many journalists swooning when they met Bush. And it can’t just be his well honed interpersonal skills putting people at ease. Maybe that’s a bit over the top, but Obama certainly does have way of calming critics, interviewers, and those around him.

And its just that. He’s very calm, and thus very authoritative. With Bush, you always got the feeling that he was one of the guys – that folksy charm won him a lot of votes. Obama has less man of the people charm but incredible gravitas. Wrapping his weightiness, cool, and authority all together makes an irresistible personal brand which has taken a considerable time to hone. If you look at Obama when he was but a mere mortal (well, when he became a senator), he’s not bad by any means, but he’s not captivating. The point is of course Obama may be cool as a cucumber, but he is a normal being and will feel the normal anxieties that everyone feels. Despite that he can cope and project the exact personal brand he wants. If he can do it, so can all of us. It just takes a clear vision of how you want to present yourself and a lot of hard work.

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