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To Email, Or Not To Email?

My wife said to me on Sunday morning over breakfast, “How did anyone survive before email?”  I spluttered and burst into a slightly derisive laugh.  The laugh was because it made me think that the opposite is true. Most people who I train are completely overwhelmed by their emails.  They take up so much time … Continued

Proofreading is so underrated!

I recently arrived in Germany for a training session an hour earlier than necessary. Why?  Because of a simple typing error! No big deal (although an extra hour in bed would have been nice) only an hour, and luckily I was early not late. This must be happening all the time.  With results that could … Continued

Business Writing – Getting Your Message Across

Take a look at this sign, which I recently saw on a wall in Wimbledon, South West London. Do you know what it’s trying to do?  Do you think it works as well as it could do?  The surrounding pavement was littered with cigarette butts, which suggests that the sign isn’t terribly effective. But leaving … Continued

Empathy Index: “My” problem versus “Yours”

Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix, got into hot water in July for hiking service rates, up to 60% in some cases, without any warning or explanation to his customers. The move has customers and casual observers alike questioning Hastings’ empathy. So this week Hastings sent this explanation to Netflix’s 24 million customers. You … Continued

Clichès? Avoid them Like the Plague!

This recent blog on that popular business cliché, ‘going forward’ is worth looking at. Here’s the link. Cliches are everywhere. The most popular and successful ones find their way into everyday speech with dismaying ease. I come across them all the time when I’m working with people on our communication skills or our effective business … Continued

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