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Intercultural Communication – High and Low Context Cultures

Psychologists have long accepted that semantics (the words we choose and the meanings they connote) can have a big effect on the psychological state of both individuals and groups.  Businesses certainly take word-choice seriously, some going so far, it seems, as micromanaging word use within their companies (e.g. discouraging the use of the word “problem” … Continued

Criticism & Projection

Some people just love being critics don’t they? And whilst there is a great deal of criticism that is extremely valuable, and diplomatically worded, there’s an awful amount that is unnecessary and often nasty. Dr. Steven Berglas of Harvard’s psychiatry department talks about projection, whereby someone projects their problems or hang-ups on to others, perhaps … Continued

Personal Impact – Self Sabotage – Just don’t do it

Today I was thinking about the things people do, consciously or not, that turn others off, or push others away, or simply destroy the message it would appear they’ve been trying to send.  I’m talking about self-sabotage – you know what I mean; when some one tells you a lie but they ever so slightly … Continued

007 gives great Body Language. Oh James!!

Run – don’t walk – to see the latest James Bond movie “Skyfall”. It is classic Bond and I loved every second of it. Sean Connery stole my heart, Roger Moore made me laugh, and I have to say, Daniel Craig is holding his own in a long line of great actors. James Bond is … Continued

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