Your Business Card: a Networking Tool; an Expression of You!

This scene is from the film “American Psycho”. I love the way these guys have an almost erotic attachment to their business cards. Their attention to detail is expressed to an absurd extreme in this clip. It’s worth considering, however, that a business card is a representation of you. Investing in high-quality design and good paper stock says something about who you are. Regarding content, you might want to consider including your Skype number, twitter, and Linked-in email in addition to conventional phone and email for maximum connectivity.

Besides water-cooler bragging rights and an opportunity for self expression, the business card functions as an important networking tool and is an excellent way of furthering connections. However, there are some simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to business card etiquette.

Don’t simply hand out your business card before establishing a relationship. It’s pushy and it usually results in a waste of paper. It’s a good idea to first build rapport by way of a conversation. Introduce yourself: start by being curious and asking questions, and then listen attentively before exchanging cards. The conversation should establish a relationship and then the business card can simply be a tool to follow up.

And a word about exchanging said cards. Wait till the end of the conversation if possible, and then ask if they have a business card. That way, you’re not pushing your card onto them. You’re actually allowing the individual to make the choice to ask for your card. And if you’ve built rapport, they will indeed ask.

Oh…also if anyone is trying to find the font “Silian Rail” as mentioned in the above clip, it doesn’t exist.

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