The world is full of fascinating events and scientific observations that hinge on Interpersonal communication. From politics and business through to society and culture It is a subject that enthrals us every day. We want to share our observations with you in the form of our Blog. Please read, enjoy and comment.

Clichès? Avoid them Like the Plague!

This recent blog on that popular business cliché, ‘going forward’ is worth looking at. Here’s the link. Cliches are everywhere. The most popular and successful ones find their way into everyday speech with dismaying ease. I come across them all the time when I’m working with people on our communication skills or our effective business … Continued

A Wonderful World Indeed!

I was talking recently to the smartest man in the Universe, my Grandfather. The tune “What a Wonderful World” came up. It’s his favorite song. For every listener it’s a song about looking at the world as a wonderful place. It got me thinking about optimism. According to Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman (who’s conducted more … Continued

In the beginning there was the word, and it was good

Earlier this year was the 400th Anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible. It would be a strange Communications-Skills business that didn’t mark that anniversary – from which you’ll gather that I’m talking about the acknowledged brilliance of the book as literature: written English at its best. For instance, it’s sobering to think … Continued

Too much cleavage at work?

A recent survey said, amongst other things, that women shouldn’t show too much cleavage in the workplace. Believe me, that’s just one of the things they shouldn’t be doing! What I’ve noticed in the City recently, bearing in mind Summer is always worse, is that, in general, the men definitely win on the “smart” stakes … Continued

Ed Miliband: Nose Job or “Vocal Makeover”?

So, the UK’s opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has finally undergone his long-planned operation to correct a deviated septum. According to his office, it’s intended to help cure his recently diagnosed sleep apnoea. But the more waspish political commentators (i.e. most of them) suspect that Ed’s op is more of an extreme vocal makeover, … Continued

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