Baby Love or the Twin elements of Personal Impact

I have long been passionate about getting across the message that great communication is a skill and as such can be learned and developed. However the great You Tube video of the toddler twins having their conversation has reminded me that impactful dynamic communication is such instinctive behaviour that it is with us from a very early age.

If we ignore the twins words, since despite some great suggestions we really don’t know what they are saying, and instead focus on their physical and vocal techniques, we get some powerful insights into what makes communication work.

Notice for example how they are physically focussed on each other, whereas how many times do we see what should be important conversations delivered over a shoulder, with the result that the impact generated is way below what is needed. Look at the instinctive mirroring of the twins bodies and the resulting rapport that is so apparent.

They are impossible to ignore such is the projection of their voices, and part of the fun we have in watching them stems from their enormous energy and the enthusiasm they have for their task. How comfortable they are with the silences between each of their ”statements”

If great communication is so instinctive and so simple and we all had it, where did it start to go wrong? Well that depends when our own negativity, paranoia and personal hang-ups started to kick in!

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