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Kinaesthetic Presentations

It’s easy to think that presentations are all about what you do aurally, but anyone familiar with Working Voices no doubt knows that body language is incredibly important too. Perhaps just as important is the ability to connect kinaesthetically with your audience. Essentially that means using body language not just to back up what you’re … Continued

Criticism & Projection

Some people just love being critics don’t they? And whilst there is a great deal of criticism that is extremely valuable, and diplomatically worded, there’s an awful amount that is unnecessary and often nasty. Dr. Steven Berglas of Harvard’s psychiatry department talks about projection, whereby someone projects their problems or hang-ups on to others, perhaps … Continued

Failure Is Good

I was reading an article on about leadership the other day, and it gave three pieces of advice on how companies can inspire leadership. The first little segment was entitled ‘Welcome Risk-Taking’. I couldn’t agree more. The risk-taking the article was referring to wasn’t suggesting companies should allow their employees to be reckless, but … Continued

Know What You’re Saying Before You Present

Yesterday on UK breakfast television, something went wrong, if only a little wrong. Whilst presenting the national weather, long time BBC weather report Carol Kirkwood seemingly pressed her plunger one time too many, resulting in the temperature chart reverting to default. 99 degrees Celsius was predicted to engulf the country. Having lived in England all … Continued

Circles of Influence and Concern

Should I worry about not getting enough sleep, or should I worry about quantative easing? Well, in the accompanying clip, which was shown to me by my colleagues Nick Fordham and Paul Hill, mountaineer and speaker Scott Kress talks about the circles of influence and circles of concern. Pioneered by Stephen R. Covey, a Harvard … Continued

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