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How to Be a Good Team Player

  A successful team isn’t necessary filled with brilliant leaders, nor obedient followers. A team usually needs a good balance of members, full of initiative but also a willingness to be managed and led. Usually in a team there is one clear leader, with most team members taking directives from them. We can’t all be … Continued

Take The Stress Out Of Teamwork

Teamwork can by joyous, but can be very stressful. Sometimes there aren’t clear roles; sometimes there are too many leaders with overlapping authorities. Some teams, especially larger ones, can experience personality clashes, and differences of professional opinion that become personal. Stress is an incredibly important factor to productivity and health these days, and I think … Continued

David Letterman Retires

That’s right, after thousands of shows and 33 years behind his iconic desk, David Letterman is bowing out. The often low-key but ever endearing Letterman has become a symbol of a TV genre, and in an address to his audience, he essentially said it was time for him to retire, and that he’d like to … Continued

The Overconfidence Effect

We all know what overconfidence is, and we all probably know people who are often overconfident, but what it the overconfidence effect? Essentially it’s where a person’s confidence in themselves is greater than their actual ability. Someone who is extremely confident and extremely able might not be aptly described as overconfident but rather, simply arrogant. … Continued

Your Voice And Your Personality

Human beings pass judgement on others almost instantly – it’s something we’ve been programmed to do for our own survival. In a few seconds we’ve often decided not only if we like someone we’ve never seen before, but if they’re worth knowing, what their pay grade probably is, how well educated they are, and whatever … Continued

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