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Presenting: How to react when you make a mistake

  Its many people’s worst nightmare – making a mistake whilst giving a presentation. Remembering points, trying to use body language, it can all get on top of you, especially if you’re an inexperienced presenter or are giving a complicated presentation. Don’t worry. Everyone makes mistakes when giving presentations, even the best. It’s how you … Continued

Control & Stress

Can you control yourself, when you become stressed? Stress is something almost all of us live with at home or at work, even when trying to relax. November the 5th was stress awareness day, so there are currently lots of good tips floating around the web. Most of us can cope with one or two … Continued

Specialist To Generalist

It can be daunting when moving into a position of leadership from one of support, or moving into a wider position of leadership from a more task orientated place. Usually (although there are of course exceptions), initial progression into the leadership structure sees an individual retain their specialism and advance to a managerial or supervisory … Continued

The Fear Effect

Fear isn’t something you’ll normally read about on blogs on LinkedIn, or in the sort of books about how to improve leadership or management skills. I can’t think of any speakers who would tell an audience of MBAs that their key tool should be fear, or any business consultants who’d sniff around a firm and … Continued

The Power Of Emma Watson’s Speech

Much has been said in the past week of Emma Watson’s speech at the UN, concerning gender equality. I thought it might be interesting to post the speech here and say a few things about it from a communication standpoint. Firstly, Watson was obviously nervous, something we all are familiar with when giving presentations; and … Continued

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