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Leaders, Like Athletes, Are Constantly Being Tested

Leaders, like athletes, are constantly being tested. Competencies of leadership can seem endless. Like Russian dolls you keep pulling apart only to reveal more and more inside. Any deep dig of these competencies will simply lead to more competencies: Being inspirational Communicating with clarity Drawing clear boundaries and expectations Leading with empathy Innovating Defining and … Continued

Presence – To be present

Powerful opportunities are all around us.  We simply have to open our eyes.  People are starved for connection.  We have the power to achieve great things when we communicate past the role of businessman or woman, and start to reveal who we are, what we stand for, where we’ve been, the challenges we’ve faced. In … Continued

Managing Nerves – Tools of the Presentation Trade – Part Two

So as I was saying… managing nerves when we present is all about truly managing them with a capital “M” and not trying to wish them away or pretend they’re not happening.  Read Part 1 for tips on how to do that. Here are additional tips on managing nerves: Troubleshooting: Always test the equipment.  Microphones … Continued

Managing Nerves – Tools of the Presentation Trade – Part One

I have been speaking in front of groups for over 20 years!  I have seen the cold steely eyes of an audience put to sleep by a series of dull PowerPoint presentations.  People nervously reading off a slide, mumbling half audibly into a microphone or pacing like an expectant father.  By the time it’s my … Continued

Great Leadership is Personal!

Leadership is personal. Take Vision for instance. Vision is what we want to create and what that will achieve. To define one’s vision, one has to become introspective and that’s personal. What does achievement look like? How will it work? How will it grow, change, be sustained? What’s the blueprint? It’s not that different from … Continued

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