“An Audience is a Direct MIRROR to How You Yourself Are Feeling: Relax and your Audience will too…”

We often quote the title of this Blog post directly in our Presentation Skills or Personal Impact Coaching sessions here at Working Voices. And it is absolutely true:

“Relax and your audience will too…”

They are in fact a direct mirror to how you yourself are feeling. And you can “infect them” (as it is so called) with your MOOD – either positively or negatively – depending on how you are feeling.

We all know what is like to sit in front of somebody who isn’t comfortable – we immediately feel uncomfortable too. But happily – the opposite of that is true too…

This is a really nice clip of Barack Obama taking a moment, during a recent campaign Fundraiser, to pay tribute to the great soul singer, Al Green, who Obama knew was in the audience.

It is a lovely moment of relaxation and humour – and demonstrates Obama’s great sense of ease when standing in front of an audience. He is so relaxed in fact – that he’s even willing to sing!

What I also really like – in a nice moment of disclosure* – is that he confides in us, that his team didn’t actually believe that he was going to do it!

It was a potentially high risk moment: We can all imagine – in the wrong hands or with the wrong set of tonsils coming to the fore (!) – just how badly this moment could have gone! But as you saw, the audience absolutely loved it!

So yes. A top tip:

Relax and your audience will too. They’ll TRUST you – and then they’ll generally go with you, wherever you want to take them.

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