The Art of Articulation

Part of being a great communicator is “clarity”. Part of achieving clarity is articulation. Part of improving your articulation is practising your diction.

We forget that the voice is a muscle. We call it an articulator. Just like any muscle, the more you work it, the stronger it will be.

This clip shows one of my favorite exercises for the voice: the tongue twister. (We here in the US need to think no further than our childhoods and Dr. Suess to be reminded of some of the best *.) Picking one of your favorite tongue twisters and saying it every days will help improve your articulators.

And another tip. Practice your favourite twister immediately before any meeting or presentation where you’re required to say your bit. It will insure that your voice is warmed up and ready to go. You might not get the chance to slip into your song and dance routine but being clear can be just as dynamic.

* Thank you Dr Suess!

If your daddy’s name is Jim
and if Jim swims and if Jim’s slim,
the perfect Christmas gift for him
is a set of Slim Jim Swim Fins.

But if your daddy’s name is Dwight
and he likes to look at birds at night,
the gift for Dwight that might be right
is a Bright Dwight Bird-Flight
Night-Sight Light.

But Never Give Your Daddy a Walrus
A walrus with whiskers
is not a good pet.
And a walrus which whispers
is worse even yet.
When a walrus lisps whispers
through tough rough wet whiskers,
your poor daddy’s ear
will get blispers and bliskers.

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