It’s not nice to laugh at others.  But I do want you to see this, not because it is funny, but because it is an example of how to deliver a speech in a completely inappropriate way.  Councilman Phil Davison gives his speech, asking for nomination from the local Republican party to become the Stark County Treasury, as if he were having the biggest breakdown ever.  He’s far too dramatic, over-the-top, quite incoherent at times, and doesn’t deliver as much information as he could because most of his six minute speech is him inhaling for the next round of shouting.

Davison has learnt a speech, but he often forgets parts whilst he’s walking up and down, no doubt through nerves, and perhaps because there’s so much blood in his face. The lack of control over his voice and his snarling make this video look like a joke, but it isn’t.

He really needs some good Presentation Skills training!

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