Anxiety is a beast to be tamed never denied!

Many of my clients ask me how to manage anxiety. I found one interesting solution in an article in the Washington Post a few weeks back:

The article asserts that writing about one’s feelings for ten minutes when facing anxiety improves performance. It’s an assertion I agree with. It takes much more energy suppressing anxiety then just admitting it’s there. The act of writing out your fears lessons the potency and gives you a clearer perspective on the task at hand.

Another way to tame anxiety is to breath deeply. When we get anxious, we begin to breath at a quicker, shallower rate. Breathing deeper and longer gives much needed oxygen to the brain and helps us perform more effectively. Try inhaling through the nose for four seconds, holding for seven seconds, and then exhaling through the mouth for eight seconds.

There are many techniques to help manage anxiety. I will continue to post more tips in the weeks to come. In the meantime, you might find some inspiration in “The Kings Speech”… One of the best films of the year!

And be sure and read my colleague Chris Grimes’ blog on “The Kings Speech” and perhaps you might find comfort in knowing that if you struggle with anxiety…you’re not alone.

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