“I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes …*” – an Image Management fable

Apparently beauty and brains DO go together!

A study published yesterday ** claims good-looking men and women have higher IQs. But how do you define “‘good-looking”? Is Jordan good looking because she wears tons of make up and regularly visits a surgeon? She’s obviously bright. What about Steve Jobs? He wouldn’t stop me in the street with his looks, but his products are beautiful and his presentations charismatic.

Anyone can be beautiful on the outside if they’re beautiful on the inside. If you’re charming, with a disarming smile, you become attractive regardless of physical looks. And if you dress to suit your lifestyle and body and take care of your skin – and if women apply a small amount of professional looking make up – it makes a huge difference to how you’re perceived.

Surely what counts is to look successful, and like someone you’d enjoy doing business with?

* The rest of Dolly Parton’s words:

“… because I know I’m not dumb … and I’m also not blonde.”

** Read about it here:

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