I’m on Toidy Toid and Toid! – New Yorkers and Voice Coaching

Listen to this.

Accent reduction is indeed a growing trend here in the Big Apple as business people try to get a leg up by eliminating their New York accents.

I say that we should take real pride in the many accents in the New York melting pot. Variety is the spice of life. Why eliminate what makes us unique? Personal feelings apart, though, whether you’re from Queens New York, or Queensland, Australia, what matters is whether you’re making i) yourself clear ii) the right vocal choices.

It’s a BIG subject but if you want an exercise to help you on the way to vocal clarity, say this tongue twister ten times – FAST, and pronouncing each syllable DISTINCTLY.

Unique New York, Unique New York

Tongue Twisters tick all the voice-training boxes, from flexibility in the mouth, lips and jaw through to diction and enunciation. They work like a stretching exercise before a workout and are a great way to get you mouth in the mood for speaking clearly.

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