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The Big Three

Recently I was coaching a client for an upcoming presentation. He’s smart. He knows what he wants to say and what he stands for. He’s good at his job and wants to keep strengthening his team’s skills. And he wants to get his ideas across with clarity and impact. Here are some tips that are … Continued

Finding Your Authentic Voice

Here is a top tip on Presentation Skills: When standing up in front of an audience to present, you should always imagine that there is a line drawn on the floor immediately in front of your feet. And when the time has come to begin – at the precise moment when you decide it is … Continued


So how in the world can a video of the actors rehearsing SpongeBob SquarePants possibly have any relevance to the business world? Well, we’ve all been on conference calls where we can tell the person/people to whom we are speaking are not actually giving us their full attention. Or we’re not giving the call, the … Continued

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