007 gives great Body Language. Oh James!!

Run – don’t walk – to see the latest James Bond movie “Skyfall”. It is classic Bond and I loved every second of it. Sean Connery stole my heart, Roger Moore made me laugh, and I have to say, Daniel Craig is holding his own in a long line of great actors.

James Bond is known for a lot of things: International man of mystery, great style, knows how to order a proper drink, and is a major heartbreaker.

You must be wondering… What does this have to do with body language?


Think about how when Bond saunters into that smoked filled casino. His laser like eyes lock onto that beautiful women. He slowly makes his way over to the table, sits down and says ‘Bond, James Bond’. Now that is impact!!

Now to bring this back to business, you too can own the room like 007. It takes confidence and great body language.

Think about how you enter a meeting:

• Do you build rapport with the people in the room?
• Do you walk in looking at the floor?
• Are you on the phone?
• How do you sit in a chair? Are slouched over the table?

If you answered yes to some of these questions perhaps next time you could channel your inner Bond and:

• Arrive a little early so you can build rapport with the people in the room.
• Make eye contact.
• Turn your phone off till the meeting is over.
• Sit on the edge of your seat and have your hands resting on the table.

Having confident body language improves your status and people will perceive you in a positive way.

These elements all seem like common sense but they tend to get killed like Mr Big in “Live and Let Die” when we are overworked.

Try it and let me know what you think.

Till next time.

Love Miss Moneypenny
aka Jennifer Logue

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