Voice Coaching

Your voice says a lot about you; it’s your most important communication tool.

It can highlight when you’re confident, but it can also betray you when you’re feeling vulnerable or unsure.

Used correctly your voice can add dynamism to your message, you can use it to highlight key information through intonation, show your passion for a subject and captivate your audience.

Learning goals

Our expert voice coaches will work with you to help you use your voice to entrance your audience.

These energetic sessions are divided into three areas to cater for everyone’s needs:

  • Those for whom English is a second language, looking at pronunciation, intonation and pace to help you achieve greater clarity
  • Helping you get more from your voice through range, projection, tone etc.
  • Working to perfect your voicemail techniques

By the end of the course you will be more self-aware and have the confidence and knowledge to use your voice to achieve your goals