Speakers for Events

Do you need a speaker who can inspire and motivate an audience?

Someone who can educate and empower them by offering take-aways that they can start using immediately to improve their performance?

If you do, get in touch.

Motivational, exciting, energetic, empathic and empowering are just a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe our charismatic team.

All accomplished speakers, their talks focus on workplace-related subjects that are relevant to the issues faced by your workforce.

The talks range from 45 to 120 minute sessions and are designed for audiences of 30+. Usually, they are delivered to sales meetings and conferences.

The topics

Below is an outline of the topics that we cover. But, if you want specific content or emphasis included with your talk, just let us know.

Heels in High Places – Women’s Leadership

This fast paced interactive talk provides insight on how women can communicate with more impact and how they can develop within a Leadership role by enhancing their presence.

The Science of Personal Impact

How come some people seem to get respect without any apparent effort?

In this session we address areas such as presence, charisma and confidence to help everyone become one of ‘those’ people.

This vibrant and powerful session empowers the audience to take responsibility for the message and shows them how to ‘wow’ their listeners through communication excellence.

Presenting made Easy

Presenting is something you do all the time. It’s not just about PowerPoint presentations; it’s about impressing others, being taken seriously and being heard.

This fascinating and refreshing look at presenting covers relaxation, energy, tonality, body language, clarity, spontaneity, vocal agility and preparation. It provides your audience with a framework for exceptional presenting, pitching and persuading that they can use immediately.

Communication without Boundaries

The ability to communicate with anyone at any level is the cornerstone to any successful business career.

To achieve that, you have to understand what makes others tick. By looking at assertiveness, influence, empathy, collaboration, rapport and active listening, we’ll show you the secrets to building successful relationships in this energising and stimulating session.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional intelligence is all about managing the emotions in yourself and others.

This session offers a fascinating insight into the world of emotions and empowers audiences with a greater inner knowledge of the subject that can be used to make a difference in their every day lives.

It’s also hugely important to HR departments as a study of 44 Fortune 500 companies found that salespeople with high EQ (emotion quotient) produced twice the revenue than their colleagues.

Making the Most of Your Voice

If you want to build rapport with your audience, present persuasively and command attention, you must be a confident speaker.

Your voice, and how you use it, is a crucial aspect of your total presentation.

During this talk we’ll tell you about some little-known techniques that will improve your vocal delivery, make it more appealing and persuasive.

Why Personal Brand Matters

“Your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”Jeff Bezos (Founder and Chairman of Amazon)

That’s why it matters so much.

It’s all about creating the right external impression and ensuring it is authentic and makes you stand out from the crowd.

We’ll help you develop you own successful personal brand and take a peek at the most powerful one in the world. 

Peak Performance

Tight deadlines, high volume of work, difficult people and stressful situations all contribute to that ‘out of control’ feeling we all get now and then.

This talk looks at identifying the problems and show you now to not only overcome them, but to draw strength from them.

This practical and insightful talk will show you how to turn bad stress into good stress that will enhance your workplace performance.