Confidence Builder

Anything in life is possible with confidence.

But for many, confidence is frequently seen as something that others have: a distant dream, constantly dashed by (frequently, irrational) insecurities and anxieties.

The Confidence Builder course is designed to help you improve your presentation skills and unlock your inner confidence by understanding how to use your thinking, body language and voice correctly.

As a result your interactions and presentations will be more successful.

Learning goals

This course offers a building block for the bare essentials of presentation skills. It looks at:

  • Understanding the make-up of good face-to-face presentation
  • Achieving a positive mental attitude
  • Voice control and body language

By encouraging you to think big about what you want to achieve, our trainers will help you understand how you can get it.

With the emphasis firmly on fun, this dynamic course will help you find your inner confidence.