Having Difficult Conversations

Every now and then you will be faced with a difficult conversation.

It may mean having to say ‘no’ to a client, or dealing with a delicate staffing issue.

Whatever it is, it is essential you are equipped with the skills you need to deal with the situation confidently and successfully.

And that’s where Working Voices can help.

Learning goals

We’ll make sure you understand how the right communication skills can really make a difference by focusing on:

  • Your body language
  • Your tone of voice
  • Managing your emotions and those of others

We’ll show you the importance of preparing for the conversation, including choosing the right time and place.

Plus, how to look for body language clues to ensure you read the situation carefully to help you deal with it successfully and to everyone’s satisfaction.

Typically, this course is run as an engaging and thought-provoking seminar followed by 1:1 coaching sessions for each participant, plus it includes access to Working Voices Digital.

“Handling delicate conversations – from declining a client or colleague-request to dealing with poor performance”