Emotional Intelligence Training Course

What is emotional intelligence (EI)?

It’s all about identifying, assessing and managing your emotions, those of others and of groups. It’s all about understanding when and how to express emotion – essentially, how to control emotion.

The ability to control your emotions is the key to success in both your personal and business life.

Learning goals

The Emotional Intelligence Training Course is divided into easily absorbed sections, looking at:

  • Understanding EI
  • Mapping your own EI
  • Examining the EI of your clients
  • How EI is used in the workplace
  • Improving your own EI

This seminar uses psychological theory in an insightful, vibrant way to enhance your understanding of the topic.

Then, during the 1:1 coaching session, we will help you understand your EI and map out a plan to enhance it.

By the end of the course you will understand how emotions and behaviours affect performance in the workplace and have the tools to capitalise on your own EI.