Our Courses

Please browse these pages, see what interests you and get in touch. And remember, we have Law Society Accreditation and offer Tailored Training and Stand-alone 1:1 Coaching.

Our formats.

We offer every type of training format from talks and seminars all the way through to workshops and extended programmes.

It’s well worth noting, though, that 80% of our training is delivered in what we call the Working Voices’ “Trademark” Format – a potent combination of seminar and 1:1 coaching.

It is so overwhelmingly the first choice of so many of our clients:

  1. because it weds the interactivity and advantages of the group-learning setting with the superlative learning experience that expert 1:1 coaching is universally recognised to provide. In other words, the format provides a hugely enhanced learning experience.
  2. because it is time and cost-efficient

The time and cost efficiency is significant. If, as is typical, the seminar lasts three hours and the 1:1 coaching session lasts 60 minutes, the delegate receives her or his enhanced learning experience while being away from workstation for only four hours. This contrasts with the whole day (or, more likely, two whole days) away from workstation which is conventionally needed to provide an equivalent learning experience. In short, our “Trademark” format gives the most learning benefit for i) the least expenditure of the delegate’s time ii) the least amount of paid “dead” time for the Client and iii) the lowest “opportunity” cost to the Client.

After the “Trademark” Format, the next most popular mode of training delivery is Stand-alone 1:1 Coaching. Click on the link to find out more.