The world is full of fascinating events and scientific observations that hinge on Interpersonal communication. From politics and business through to society and culture It is a subject that enthrals us every day. We want to share our observations with you in the form of our Blog. Please read, enjoy and comment.

  • Mischief?
  • Executive Presence: Speaking With Conviction

    A simple step to speaking with conviction is the elimination of low status words and phrases. Kind of Sort of Just (as in “I just want to suggest”)   To be clear, in everyday casual communication, there is nothing wrong … Continued

  • Earth_globe_stress_ball
  • Take The Stress Out Of Teamwork

    Teamwork can by joyous, but can be very stressful. Sometimes there aren’t clear roles; sometimes there are too many leaders with overlapping authorities. Some teams, especially larger ones, can experience personality clashes, and differences of professional opinion that become personal. … Continued

  • Trains
  • People Power – Working Better Together

      I find it very difficult to face the news recently – whether it’s on the TV or in the papers – I simply can’t bear the world’s suffering. But, there was one piece of news recently that put a … Continued

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